Sunday, October 25, 2015

Our brains are turning to mush

Sunday 25 October 2015
Winter time changeover of hour

29th wedding anniversary

When October arrives, I always have a niggling feeling that there is something I should remember but it is always elusive.  I have been having the feeling for about a week or so now.  I enjoyed waking up and having the extra hour and doing some writing and thinking and watching the birds flitting around on the barn roof.  Eventually OH called down for some tea and he was looking expectant.  Oh dear, wedding anniversary and I had forgotten. Again.  Some years we both forget.  I think our brains are turning to mush.

He presented me with two books - one the Daily Telegraph Quick Crosswords and the other a fascinating mix of five diaries of people who took part in the Information Project around the time of the second World War.  In the future, authors will just be able to plunder blogs where, all over the world, people do write about their daily lives.  And some of them not for money...  The author of the compilation describes blogs as Warholian.

I promised to make him a lemon meringue and so he decided to tip his fishing stuff all over the kitchen table.  Some hooks, leaders and swivels had tangled themselves into an inseparable chaotic mess and, because I was feeling guilty on the anniversary front, I attempted to separate them before giving up and chopping out the metal bits.  Off he went fishing.  I walked dog who is now one hundred times livelier after two days of the medication - Meloxicam - to such an extent that he has taken to running off again and hassling me to play squeaky ball throwing when I am trying to watch Strictly and gritting my teeth at the infuriating Bruno Tonioni.  From comments I passed on FB, I am not the only one who cant stand his pouting and postulating.  And why is he being so nasty this year?

Lemon meringue is a thing of mystery.  Every time I make it, I discover a new way of making it go wrong.  Today, I didn't have any caster sugar and had to make do with icing sugar and it didn't do at all and the top of the cake resembles a cep.  

Never mind.  Went upstairs with a truffle silicon mold which I had discovered in the cupboard and decided to try making flower half spheres and then trying to stick them together.  Got around the cold resin problem by putting the container containing the mix into a pan of warm water.  Mixed up much better than usual and with fewer bubbles.  Domed some pieces and made some rings and experimented with setting stones into acorn cups. Also drilled out a half walnut shell, inserted a little shell and some seeds and a silver bail.

Wrote up tomorrow's appointments on the software and filled in the Bon de Visite forms.  Would much rather stay here and do interesting things rather than trail around yet another set of houses with yet another person - especially one accompanied by very young teenagers.....

Half six and nearly dark.  Better than the UK in any event where in deep mid winter, it goes dark around 3.30