Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Not a lot of progress is made...

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Warmed up - 18 degrees

The countryside really is glorious and in full Autumn colours.  Was bowling along, enjoying the delicate flight of the tiny orange leaves from the beech trees and was nearly crushed by a large lorry.  Resolved to pay more attention.  Last night I read an article about using Instagram to attract new customers so opened up an account and posted some pictures of my resin jewelry.  Needed some positive encouragement after a comment by this week's client that she had seen stuff similar to mine on toilet seats.  Was somewhat taken aback to say the least.  Lovely comments via Instagram.  The young are far less rude and insensitive.

The client is a fashion buyer and I have worn different pieces of my jewelry all week in the hope that she would offer to take some.  She didn't.  I think my stuff is too natural and subtle.  Someone will love it.  I hope.  Looked at all the other successful resin jewelry sellers and they have over a hundred items and have been going for about five years.  Will just need to make more stuff and build a following.  Sigh.  Why does everything take time.  

The lady came on her own today and we revisited two properties - one a beautiful stone farmhouse in impeccable condition and another which is a shell and rather violently coloured to boot, but with lots of space.  I think she is erring towards the latter and she said she would think about it on the plane on the way home.  Felt deflated and went to MacDonald's and ate some processed rubbish which will probably take years off my life.

Back home and OH was back out working on the little rental unit.  He started nearly two years ago and I started hinting that he should get on with it about two months ago.  I passed from hinting to pointed comments and then had to become quite insistent before he has buckled down.

WF (youngest) rang and said that he didn't get the promotion and it had gone to someone who had been there for three years.  He said he wouldn't be waiting that long and it has inspired him to get on with his insurance exams.

RJ (eldest) is still fed up at being 14500  for being a sous chef and not being paid overtime. Small family businesses are not the best places to earn good salaries.  He needs to move on.  He is fed up (again).  Told him not, under any circumstances, to give his boss an ultimatum or to resign before he has found anything else.

The combines are chugging along the fields and soon we will have our view back!  Dog is desperate to get out and be crushed by the one in the field opposite.  I have never known the corn to be cut so early.  One year, after a brutally wet winter, it was cut in January.  One year it wasn't cut at all because it was a cold, wet summer.  The Summers here are no longer reliably hot as they were twelve years ago.  That is not a bad thing.  2004 nearly killed us.  2003 killed a lot of people.  When I first started in this business, I would go around houses and people would show me stuffy dark bedrooms and say 'this is where Grandma died'.  Not something you can put in the Particulars.