Sunday, November 22, 2015

A sorting out day

Sunday 22 November 2015

Cold but sunny 
12 degrees

More terrorist activity in Mali with shootings and kidnapping in a Radisson Hotel.  I googled terrorist activity 2015 and found the following

Terrorist murders in 2015 - one event, on the 18 November, was when two girls aged 11 and 18 blew themselves up in a phone market in Nigeria.  Killing 15 and injuring 123. Nothing at all on the news.  I had had no concept of what terrible things have been going on. And that is just 2015.  How lucky we are to live in such a peaceful corner of the world.

Reported the virulent woman to Instagram.  Hopefully enough other people will have done the same and her account will be closed.

Sorted out craft room.  Took many hours.  I am fast approaching the time when I will actually have to do some crafting...  

Spoke to WF on Whatsapp and OH on phone.  He said the weather in the Lakes had been terrible with snow and gales.