Wednesday, November 25, 2015

No Turkish delight...

Wednesday 25 November 2015

Warmer with rain 14 degrees

Horrified to see yesterday, on the telly, that a Turkish fighter jet brought down a Russian jet which had strayed over into Turkish air space.  Putin furious and promised serious repercussions.  My children are of the age to be conscripted.  How could I bear It if they had to go and fight in a war?  Tossed and turned all night.  Got up early and put on the TV and it seems that the repercussions may be in the form of sanctions.  I think politicians everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief.  The pilots of the Russian jet ejected but one of them was killed on the way down by Syrian rebels.  The other man was retrieved by the Syrian army and is apparently safe.  The need to overcome the Islamist murderers has greater precedence.  Brussels on maximum security alert - schools and metro closed until today in face of imminent Paris style attacks.

Examined my resin makes of Monday.  Still slightly sticky.  The Christmas cake was in the oven and baking by 8.30 am.  Spent morning sorting out the office and gathering together lots of stuff to burn - too much personal information to trust to the dechetterie system.  Was having a wonderful time when it suddenly occurred to me that I had not made an appointment with the owner of the town house to do the meter readings, had not insured the house and hadn't seen the draft Acte de Vente.  The signing is tomorrow afternoon.  Had an oh crap moment and had to do a lot of ringing around.  Got the agency to send me the bill for our fees.  Had a surprising number of new enquiries.  Alas all people who live on the other side of the world.  Oh for some good French buyers!

A good French buyer is the best of all buyers.  They need to buy in an area.  They are not doing it for fun or because they are on holiday or because they met someone in a bar in Torremolinos who said that the South West of France was lovely.  They know how much money they have.  They have either just sold their house or they have been to see the bank and got things sorted out.  They are not having a look around whilst waiting for their house to sell.  Interestingly, every person I meet who has a house to sell assures me that they live in an area where houses sell almost right away.  I wish I knew where this mythical place is. I would go and be an agent there at the drop of a hat.  Best of all, they speak French.  None of that pestilent translating.  They know how the system works.  They can ring the notaries themselves.  They can do their own changeovers of water and phone and electricity.  Alas, these days, good French buyers are thin on the ground.

Walked dog and it was fine drizzle and we got soaked.  Lit the fire.  Despite all my best intentions to do the newsletter, by the time I had run all the new clients, I had lost my newsletter mojo.

Very windy and shutters banging.