Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Beaded beauties

Monday 23 November 2015

Cold - didnt get above 9 degrees
First ground frost of the year

There was a silver sheen on the lawn and wooden benches this morning and the windows were all steamed up.  Just two weeks ago it was 25 degrees.  Curious month November, it is lovely until mid month and then suddenly it becomes cold.

Had the most wonderful morning playing with glitter.  Dog snored in front of the petrol stove. Glazed the gingko leaves and skeleton hydrangea leaves, recoated the autumn colours bangle and added another layer to hydrangea leaf bangle, interspersed with a fine layer of irridescent silver glitter.  Then made some glitter buttons and pendants.  Tried out some of the yellow resin which I had bought on offer on a previous trip to Cultura.  Looked like the colour of well brewed urine.  I have some Pebeo paints which fracture into wonderful colours - called Fantasy Prisme.  This is the sort of thing you can do with them.

So I made some basic plain pendants in yellow and will drop on the colours when they are set.  Very cold in the craft room.  It may take three days to set.  Very excited about the prism colours.

Back really bad today.  I think I caught a chill on Saturday when out visiting the chateau. Had trouble getting off sofa.

Went out and showed property in afternoon.  Couple I know well.  Man resembles Bernard Cribbins.  Went shopping for Christmas Cake ingredients and couldnt lift basket off the floor. Had to ask for help and the person behind me, 80 if she was a day, hefted it onto the mobile tapis for me.

Back home and felt exhausted but dog needed a walk.  Ate rest of the mega baguette sandwhich bought for lunch.  Spent hour or two slotting the various articles into the Craft group newsletter.  One member is a beader and her work is stunning