Monday, November 9, 2015

Delicate lace and another day will have to do

Saturday 9 November 2015

24 degrees  the incredible weather continues

Morning.  Spent an hour or two photographing my other finished pieces around and about in the garden.  OH said why was I carrying on making stuff and it was starting to pile up in my craft room and I didn't want to get 'stuck' with it.  Thanked him for his words of encouragement and started hanging things on trees to see what effect that would have. The light was excellent and no shadows.  Must find way around model problem.  Very hard to take photos of jewelry on oneself and also my hands look ancient.  Applied lots of cream. Hands then looked ancient and greasy.  Resolved to wear gloves for all household tasks and gardening from now onwards.  

Went into bathroom to see if I could take photos of myself in the mirror, wearing the heart pendants.  Had just organised my hair and got my chin at an angle where it didn't look double and found a suitable top which didn't distract from the pendant when OH shouted and I had to help him find the top of the fuel tank on the sit and ride tractor which had, mysteriously, disappeared.  It was under a large and filthy pallet.The rotivator also wouldn't start.  Despite the fact I am weedy, I also had to have a go at starting them.  This didn't do much for my hairdo. 

Got back into bathroom and rearranged hair.  Cheeks so red that they were not clashing with the pendant.  Splashed face with cooling water.  Recraned neck and positioned iPhone to get the snap.  OH shouted again.  Back downstairs and more pulling on starting handles with me immobilising various machines with my insufficient weight.  Dog tried to run off with some passing horsemen.  Made drinks.  Made lunch.  Felt very tired.  Had siesta.  Light was then not good and made the rest of me look as ancient as my hands.  Another day will have to do.

Later on, received a phone call from the local agent who had just revisited our little rental unit and she said she was moins optimiste after revisiting with the lady and her parents. Relatives always do their best to put people off.  Not too concerned, the lady really does not have the budget and we are in no rush to sell.  It let well last year and was certainly the easiest money we earned.  And all I had to do was some cleaning and bed changing.
the most delicate of lace

my lace babies, set out to dry

A little bit blinged up