Monday, November 9, 2015

Ready for a bit of quick/quick

Sunday 8 November 2015

27 degrees - just a little bit bonkers....

Up late and sat in bed together and watched the yellow leaves, shiny as cellophane, dancing on the tall trees

OK I will admit to having turned up the blue quite a lot - it is more like the paler blue in reality but it does help to throw the yellow into relief.  The 'ball' shapes are mistletoe.

Reviewed my efforts of yesterday.  The individual skeleton leaves had glued themselves to the plastic and may not come off.  Still sticky.  The skeletons in the bracelet were setting nicely.  Need to find a way of getting it out without cracking.  The tiny fungi look amazing. The ginkgo leaves are a bit hazy and sticky.  Wonder if I have dried them enough.  The acorn cup with semi precious stones has promise.  It occurs to me that I could bling up the Queen Anne's lace and do it as sparkly earrings for Christmas....

Have developed bad Instagram habit and keep checking for new comments and followers. What I would really like to see are new SALES!  Sigh.  Everything is always slow/slow.  I am so ready for some quick/quick.

Watched the last episode of Downtown Abbey.  The end of a number of eras, apart from the Christmas special to come.  Mary Crawley is the most infuriatingly buttoned up woman although I did have a lump in my throat when she was at Matthew's grave.  My favourite ever scene from Downton was where Matthew proposed in the falling snow.  Magical.

Her suitors since Matthew died just havent been engaging, or easy to differentiate.  All I can say is that Julian Fellowes had better sort out Edith's happiness in the Christmas Special or I shall seek him out and poke him with sharp sticks.