Friday, November 13, 2015

It shouldnt have been her....

12 November 2015

13 degrees

Decidedly cooler this week but still blue skies and no wind at all.  Leaves now thick on the ground but many still glowing on the trees.

OH said we would 'just do a bit' of updating and as usual it took forever so it wasnt until nearly 11 am when I escaped down to the market.  Still full of tourists.  Found my friend and had a coffee and caught up with the news.  She was looking well and her mad froth of curly hair was tinged cinammon colour from her various holidays.  We became friends after she and her then fiancĂ© bought with me about two years ago.  Wonderful farmhouse.  Probably the buy of the decade because the owners just wanted to go.  Her son has the same christian name as our eldest.  I dont know anyone who has an eldest with this name who doesnt periodically have crises with them.  I should have named him Rupert or Thomas. They seem to have much more stable lives.  Filled her in with the doings of our kids.

Her sister died of cancer in July of this year and she said how she had to go with her neice to find and fit a wedding dress.  Said how it had broken her heart that it was her doing this and not her lovely sister, that it was she who would be there for her neice on her wedding day and that she would feel the space on the pew next to her where her sister should have been sitting.

Went around the market and bought big bunches of radishes, purple plump bulbs of garlic, artichokes the size of baronial staircase finials, oranges all the way from Andalusia and long loaves of bread, their crusts almost black and fissured.

Was on the way home when I bumped into the NZ ladies who had just arrived.  They were sitting at a table next to one of my partner agents, who had given them his card.  He looked embarrassed and said 'oh I didnt know they were YOUR clients'.  Arranged to meet them tomorrow and left them joshing my colleague about the Rugby World Cup results.

Got a text from RJ to say he had had a falling out with work and was writing out his notice. Informed OH he would have to sort it out.  I am too close and too stressed.  He rang RJ on Skype and established that he would not be resigning, that he would wait until the New Year and then look at a number of establishments before chosing the one best for him.  He has 20 years of management experience, thank heavens.  I just have 26 years of pissed off mother experience.

Had to have a sleep.  Felt completely wiped out.  Later took dog around the lake and bought two more apple trees.  

My slippers have completely disappeared.  It has been three days now.  Where on earth can they have gone to?