Monday, November 2, 2015

Autumn glory

Sunday 1 November 2015

Hot and sunny 24 degrees

Woke early and wrote whilst it was still dark.  Feeling rather fed up.  Still no closer to selling main house and giving up the estate agency.  Itching to move but don't know where or when or in what direction.  The good ship Leaving Normal has no wind to fill her sales and is, at the moment, rudderless.

Still, have realised am living through one of the most wonderful Autumns of my life.  How good is it to realise that whilst in the midst of it and not just in hindsight?  With the warm weather, no winds and rain, the leaves are changing colour and staying right on the trees. The skies are the brightest of blues and the myriad hues of copper, red, yellow, orange and still bright green are displayed to their best advantage.  The countryside is truly gorgeous. Who needs to go to New England?

OH had extensive lie in so I took the opportunity to do some jewelry making, in peace.  Or in pieces, the bangles as I had feared were absolutely dreadful to demold.  The technique of hitting the mould on a hard surface cracked the first bangle and, in any event, it was not a good idea putting in the semi precious stones as it made it very heavy.  Sanded it up and decided it could be a light catcher decoration for the window.  The seed and grass bangle I was less violent in demolding and it still cracked a little bit but I can sand that out and re varnish.  Will try the freezer or hair dryer heating options next time.

I turned then to the problem of the deep lozenge pendants and how to fix on bails.  I managed, with some effort, to drill them out and then discovered that the long pins I had bought were too thick, so substituted some ordinary pins with bobble heads and then bent them around to form loops.  Looks effective.  There are some other pieces which came out wonky so I shall have to wait for inspiration to strike.

OH then woke up and we had tea and breakfast and I saw that I had been allocated my Secret Santa partner and, oh bugger, it is someone about whom I know nothing.  Looked on her FB page.  Russian American and likes spinning and weaving.  Wonder if she has a Pinterest page.

Left OH, in mega bad mood, to sort out my mileage log.  I had had a system of having a little book in the car and recording things as they happened.  Apparently that was a rubbish system and OH could do it much better.  Consequently 2000 kms have been travelled and nothing has been itemised and now he has a heck of a lot of catching up to do.  Dog zipped along and I enjoyed the sunshine.  The bars were heaving in town and the cafés full of people eating delicious looking food.  Dog was desperate to go and cadge and I had to heave him off.

Back home and made another lemon meringue and prepared contents of seafood ragout and listened to Radio 4 Play it Again.  Forgot about the meringue and it came out rather dark but still edible.  OH took over and found we had no rissotto rice so substituted brown rice.  It took forever to cook and was not a success.  Particularly as he added the spare pineapple he found in the fridge.  It did not go well with the chilli.

Watched Strictly.  Unbelievable that weather girl Carol made the cut.  She is beyond dire.