Friday, November 6, 2015

I am laughing all the way to the bank (hopefully)

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Glorious and sunny 24 degrees

This was a day I refused to let be spoiled by the atrocious behaviour of former clients.

On opening my hotmail, I discovered that my password had been hacked and over 1000 people had been sent a link to a diet product.  Quickly posted apologies on FB and the main sales mailer address at work.  The phone rang non stop.  Nothing was getting done. Amongst the 'postmaster delivery impossible' responses was one from a couple I had not thought about in years.

They had rented in our town and their children had gone to the local school.  The lady was large and shy.  The children were passable.  The man had something about him that made people wary.  He said he was a currency trader but the name on his business cards didn't exist anywhere on the Internet.  He was pushing me for a business link to my buyers.  I said I worked exclusively with another company.  When he made the offer and I was getting the paperwork together, he said his passport was being renewed and therefore couldn't provide evidence of identity.  Neither could his wife.

They were looking for a renovation property and I found them one that they liked.  On top of a hill with wonderful views and surrounded by agricultural land.  Now the problem with agricultural land is that you cant build on or over or, indeed, under it.  The property needed a new septic tank and the only way to achieve this was by building an expensive micro station which goes down rather than out in order to get rid of household water and waste.  We agreed a price and then I arranged a meeting with the two farmer brothers who were selling and the 'buyers'.  The man arrived with a sheaf of plans and then started striding out into the field adjoining the property.  He announced that he would need to buy this extra land in order to put on the drainage pipes for the new septic tank.  The farmers were stupefied.  I was concerned.  The farmers said they had not agreed to sell any more land and I said they couldn't building under it anyway (again as we had already been through this extensively). The man and his wife then strode off, slammed their car doors shut and left in a flurry of mud.  I was left, horribly embarrassed, in the field with the farmers. 

This couple subsequently offered and withdrew on a number of local properties and their name, like the field, became mud.  They then disappeared.  Until today.  They had replied to the spam email


I was really shocked and promptly blocked them.  How is it that people feel they can be so rude online when they would not have the balls to be so rude to my face?

Speaking of the rudeness of man, there is an update on the goat people - if you want the summary, it is on here

How low will they go blog post

the business manager emailed me to say that the fees had now been agreed and although they were low, he hoped that I felt that it was better than nothing and would compensate me for the appalling way I had been treated.  I replied that I would not have ever again to do the 250 km round trip, take calls from the vendor at all hours of day and night when she was having the vapours, deal with their rude and charmless notary or with the buyers who were disingenuous personified.  I assured him that, like Liberace, I was ready to laugh all the way to the bank.