Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How hard it is to be a mum (à distance)

Monday 2 November 2015

Warm with rain later
16 degrees

Woke up early again and felt absolutely wiped out so rang the doctor.  It was a replacement one who suggested I came at 4.45 pm.  Went back to bed and drank tea and looked at FB. Was surprised to see that RJ (eldest) had sent me a picture of his hairy chest. Thought he had pressed the wrong send button until he said he was in hospital.  Was absolutely horrified.  He said I couldn't ring because phone calls weren't allowed on the ward.  He had been in Winchester since the following afternoon.  He had gone out with the Head Chef and they had had three pints and then they had both thrown up for hours until RJ had started throwing up blood and had torn his stomach lining and one of the chefs took him to hospital.

He posted some pictures of himself looking ghastly and wan.  He is 26 tomorrow.  How quickly the time has gone.  No matter how old he will be, I will always want to be there for him and to hold him and comfort him and look after him.  He said he felt a bit broken.  That is the sort of thing that breaks my heart.  He went back to the hotel at the end of the day and had to pay a taxi as no one would come and get him and the ambulance wouldn't either.  At least he will be home after the 28 December when he is coming back with us for a break.

OH rang WF (youngest) who said he still doesn't know which days he will get off at Christmas and that he couldn't get another driving test until February.  OH got into a real tizzy at this news and said he would never get his driving passed until he was doing regular lessons and regular tests.  I left them to it.  He does my head in sometimes with his shouting.

Doctor's surgery was deserted.  Just goes to show how many people are actually sick.  The surgery is normally heaving.  She gave me a Ventolin inhaler and some Prednisilone steroids.  Ventolin makes me shake but at least I will have some breath to shake.  Steroids are wonderful things and really give you a boost.

Back home and OH had thrown out the brown rice risotto from yesterday and started afresh and it was lovely.