Saturday, June 20, 2015

A day of messing about with resin....

Friday 19 June 2015

Sun and light drizzle
26 degrees - humid

Crafting day!   For a couple of weeks now I have been collecting and drying seed heads and tiny flowers.  Took dog for a quick walk and discovered an adder dead at the side of the road.  After establishing it was really, really, dead I picked it up with a plastic bag and brought home with some other treasures

The belly reminds me of a piano keyboard.   I am hoping to slice off the skin but am really ginger about actually touching it.  OH will freak if he goes into the office and sees it on the desk.  

I got out the moulds for jewels and buttons and almost instantly discovered most of my stuff was either too big or the wrong shape.  The seeds and tiny cow parsley looked and fitted the best.  I had gathered some amazing seed heads off some grass and they were a nightmare and kept on creeping out of the resin.  When I came to mix it, it wasn't as difficult to work with as the water which I had experimented with to see how easy it was to pour without dripping.  The water shot out of the cup and went all over the place but the resin, with its higher viscosity was much easier to deal with.  I found by using the dipper stick, that I could dribble it into the tiny button moulds without covering up the spikes for the button holes.  I made a terrific amount of mess and had a great time.

You can see the badly behaved seed head on the bottom right.  I may need to fettle this one with some additional resin.  It didn't bubble too badly as I had stirred it thoroughly but slowly and I made sure everything was really, really dry.  More pix to follow.  I hope it comes out of the mould.  I should have used some Vaseline but by the time I had found stuff that was ready and able to go into the spaces, I just wanted to get on with it.  Conscious that OH back on Sunday and he just seems to take up all my time.

Made chili and hoed the potatoes.  Quite a bit of blight which I had to take off.  They need spraying again with copper fungicide and it is going to take forever because there is now so much top growth.

Spoke to US lady LM on Skype and she said her husband is denying making any offer to pay the penalty clause.  FFS what is he playing at?  Emailed him saying that the seller is going to accept his withdrawal and he wrote straight back and said he would sign the paper when he received it.