Thursday, June 18, 2015

Quiet is bliss....

Wednesday 17 June 2015

Glorious 24 degrees

If only ever Summer day could be as lovely as this.  A gentle breeze.  The sun warm on the skin.  Birds singing.  Butterflies dancing intricately together.

Removed the plastic bags from the beleaguered ipomoea.  If you remember, OH had filled in the drain holes when he concreted the pots to the posts.  The potatoes are looking fantastic and the main crop is already putting out flowers.  Even the La Ratte is looking good and only has a few blighted petals.

Sat on the sofa in my dressing gown and loaded up some properties whilst listening to Heartbeat and then the Royal.  Lovely series set in the realms of reality with real crimes and real characters.  I watched an episode of Coronation Street a while ago.  I haven't seen it for a year or two since it went more 'edgy' and 'real' following severe competition for viewers from EastEnders.  I was horrified.  Shouting, incest, violence.  WTF?  This series used to be a national institution.  You could miss loads of episodes and pick up the stories again without difficulty.  It just rolled on and not a lot happened.  It was the sort of reality that the rest of us experienced on a weekly basis.  If I was on Coronation Street as a resident, I would be booking the removal lorry.

Took dog for a walk in the woods and it was very muddy.  Found some most wonderful grass heads with seeds which I will use in resin pendants - pix to follow.

Cleaned and hoovered and polished.  Quiet day and blissful.  No meltdowns.  No crises. Nowhere to go.

OH rings to say they are moving on from Pontevedra and that they have seen fish being caught.  Not by either of them though....  

Yesterday's guy who came to do the quote for the NZ ladies house came in with his figures - and he was at 28000 euros.  I am in the wrong job.....