Monday, June 15, 2015

The beauty of seed heads

Sunday 13 June 2015

Cloudy and then hot and sunny 26 degrees.

Some of the things I got yesterday

Coloured crystal resin

Fabulous decorative prism paint

Stamps for card insert

Decorative paper for cards

Interesting stuff - you draw on it and then bake it and it shrinks to 7th of the size and can be used in badges or buttons

Truffle mould - very expensive in one shop and very cheap in another

Tescos strawberry jam!  And coir plant circles

Jewellery and button moulds for the resin

Had a big clear out of old clothes and sorted out the pantry and put everything in logical and easily reachable order.

Had siesta on sofa and was prodded by dog so had to go for a walk with him and he kept on running off.  Had epiphany and realised that I neednt try and dry flower heads, which are difficult and wrinkle and crinkle.  I can use seed heads and dry them naturally on the stalk and perhaps colour them.

Found an immense dandelion head

and discovered the intricate beauty of the seeds of the wild geranium