Friday, June 19, 2015


Thursday 18 June 2015

Glorious sunshine 25 degrees

Woke up late and luxuriated in the peace and quiet of having the house to myself.  Opened my emails and found, a brilliant surprise for once, the future ex husband ES of the US lady LM had offered to pay the balance of the penalty clause plus our real estate fees on condition that this would be taken in full and final settlement.  Rang the head of the agency and she said I must get the lady to speak to her notary.

The phone rang - it was the US lady's notary - what on earth is going on?  She barked.  I am a lot easier to get on the other end of the phone and it is her modus operandi to ring me up and get clarification.  I update her on the fact that ES has offered to pay up and she is astonished to learn that LM hasn't told him that she is continuing with the purchase.

The best out come here would be for the seller to accept the payment of the fees, LM doesn't have to take on a thirty year mortgage when she is already in her late 40's and we can start again.  The seller can then do up his house and then doesn't have to sell it and suffer the increased capital gains tax.  The smoking, drinking, volatile father is out of the house and in the flat and the mother can spend some time in the house and the rest in NZ with the kids.  LM tells me of a house which she wants to buy and I agree to open negotiations.  I ring the seller's mother and she says PB is going to accept.  Resolution to this very nasty and complex mess.

Go down to the market and the sun is shining and I drop off immense amounts of clothing which was jamming up mine and OH wardrobes.  Had coffee and watched people pass by. Bought some earphones and delightful sweets bijoux for using in the resin.

Get an email from the buyers of my flat and finally, they have had contact with their notary and they have an appointment on Monday.  I really hope they are going to sign and not insist on coming back to check there are no leaks before putting pen to paper.  This is becoming a real pain and I have put the property back on the Ads site.

Did immense amounts of ironing.  Spoke to US lady LM who is utterly delighted that her future ex husband will be picking up the tab and says she will be happy to withdraw under those circumstances and providing he doesn't try and sue her for the money.  I ring and inform both notaries and speak to head of agency.  LM asks me to open negotiations on a little house she saw on her last visit with another agent.

Cant be bothered cooking.  Have cereal and wine and watch Mamma Mia.  I so love this film.