Sunday, June 28, 2015

Early to rise, blight takes flight...

Sunday 28 June 2015

33 degrees and 91% humidity ... lovely (not)

Got up early to deal with potatoes - mixed a strong potion of copper fungicide and sprayed the leaves and the soil until everything was a fetching shade of blue.  Just managed to finish by 10.30 when the sun emerged from the clouds.  Wisdom has it that you do not spray when the sun is out as it scorches the leaves.

Hacked back the rampant growth on the bay topiary.  The leaves emit a most delicious spicy scent.  Finished off by weeding and trimming the box around the poly tunnel and then the mercury hit 30 and I went indoors and ironed for ages.  Watched a brilliant cowboy film called Ramrod with Joel McRae 1947.  Stunning costumes and landscape.  Well paced and good character development.  The baddies got their come uppance at the end and the good guy got the girl.  Excellent stuff.

Later on, made some more resin buttons and attempted some pendants.  The ferns and papery seed cases kept on popping out of the resin.  Most annoying.  It doesn't set properly if everything isn't well covered.  Interestingly, the thinner the layer, the longer it takes to dry.  

Sent some buttons to a friend who uses them in her craft work and she thought they were gorgeous and original and suggested I sell them on Etsy.  That would involve taking good photos.  Tricky with the buttons as they need the right background to show up the delicate seeds.  Might try Marna Lunt who uses buttons on her lampshades.  They would look stunning.

OH said what was I going to do next and I said I was going to go and stuff my clanger and he said is that sex talk and I said not in the normal sense.  Laughed a lot!

Organised tomorrow's visits.  OH zoomed around lawn on sit and ride tractor and I walked dog in the woods.  Shady and dappled.  Butterflies dancing in the sun ripples.  Humming bird hawk moths sipping nectar.

IC Macroglossum stellatarum1 NR.jpg
"IC Macroglossum stellatarum1 NR" by IronChris - Wikipedia. See other versions. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons