Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rendez vous in the sunshine (but I need to hold my nose)

Monday 29 June 2015

33 degrees - very hot

OH has a thing that he can get out of bed and get ready in 15 minutes so I wake him at 8.00 for an 8.30 leaving and he takes ten minutes to get out of bed and then tears around like a mad thing and forgets stuff and has to keep going back into the house and dog keeps coming out of the door like a Jack in the Box.  Or out of the box....  We finally leave at 8.40 and are still on time although parking is problematic as the whole of the main place is covered by marquees and beer tents.  We walk to the appointed meeting place and the stench of urine is eye watering.  Last night was the last night of the casetas, an annual music festival featuring local music and epic drinking.

The clients are on time and are brought into town by LJ, the first person to buy with us and who runs a gite north of town.  I havent seen her in ages and notice that she has lost quite a few of her teeth.  What is it with people and teeth?  I know dentists are scary but you only have to see them occasionally and you have to see yourself in the mirror every day.

I send people to stay with LJ because she is out of town so the clients cant wander into rival agencies and also she is refreshingly low priced.  The downside is that there is a pig in the living room, with its own chaise longue....  The first pig was called Rasher but apparently he is no more and the current one is called Raquel.  I think you would have to reflect long and hard to find better names for pigs.

We go for a coffee and I feel tired so let OH do the introduction and letting the people tell us about themselves and their project.  They live in the border region between England and Scotland and have gentle accents full of heather and moorland and fresh air.  They also have a lot of expectations for their budget, which is modest, and have been looking over on the Med side which is where they are staying and they got the train over to see this area for a day.

We kick off at a narrow house with orange tiled peak roof and modern interior.  Accessed by a long narrow garden with high stone walls.  It is the kind of property that you need to visit on a hot day when the garden shimmers and the thick stone walls offer respite and cool. The ladies and OH are impressed.  The only thing that really needs doing is the door in one of the upstairs bedrooms needs changing into a window because at the moment you have the option of throwing yourself down into the newly created atrium.  Always attractive for a small child, the throwing option.  

We then drive to our town, which is looking (and smelling) wonderful with its gay bunting and flowery balconies.  I show them the Tin Tin house, followed by the estate house followed by a town house with balcony and garage.  The sun comes out and I notice the ladies are starting to look pink so we pop back into the car, put on the aircon and head back into the big town where we just have time to show them the nearest railway station and the big lake and then they head into the foyer and are gone.

We are starving and go to Leclerc where OH has a big mess of offal in gravy and chips and I have assorted duck bits and chips and wonderful crème brulée.  Feel stuffed and go home and have a sleep.

Turn out new resin batch - the Queen Anne's lace buttons look fab!  Take lots of pictures. Must get them all on Etsy.