Sunday, June 28, 2015

These temperatures are too hot for the gardener...

Saturday 27 June 2015

32 degrees - spent most of day hiding indoors

Up earlyish and down to the rental unit to dress the bed, obtain tourist information for the week upcoming and leave wine and treats.  Tourist information only had information up to tomorrow and apparently it is not usual to ask for information for the following week.... that would be available from Monday, 'normally'.

Treated myself to a blueberry tart.  I cannot tell you how delicious it was.  Fine butter pastry, creme patissière and sharp tangy fruit.  I went down like one o'clock.

Never heard of this expression? - look at the highly entertaining Manly Slang - apparently this expression used to be associated with the 'lower orders'...

The Art of Manliness

Back home and some refreshing noodles with spinach in a spicy sauce and then back down town to meet the renters.  They were hovering in the supermarket car park, their soft top Honda with its personalised reg sparkling in the sunshine.  Locals were viewing it askance. I hope it survives the week unscathed.  Locals do not treat their cars with respect, bumpers are for bumping things and my poor car is covered with bashes and bruises from unsympathetic parkers.

I settled them into the flat and went to buy fish food for the pirhanas in the pond.  Ten goldfish have evolved into about a hundred and the spreading of a few flakes makes the surface of the water froth.  They will have a nibble at your fingers if you dangle them just under the surface.  I never realised until latterly that the young are black for about a year before starting to develop the typical deep orange colouring.  The fly spray was 14 euros a can and I was standing there, being traumatised by the price labels, when my phone rang. 

It was the US lady's solicitor, telling me that she has received notification from the bank that the lady's husband has transferred the penalty monies.  She also said that the US lady is refusing to sign the release document until the funds arrive (she said her future ex husband is a liar and will never transfer them) and is also talking about still buying the original property.  I said lets wait and get the cash in and then I will sort things out.  For heaven's sake.....!!

My phone rang again and it was an annoyed seller who had been waiting half an hour for me to pick up some keys.  Had completely forgotten.  Raced around and picked them up and then found fly spray for 1.40 euros in a cheapo shop.  

Back home.  Horribly hot.  Had a rest and watered the flagging veg.  This heat is ridiculous. No rain forecast for at least a week and before then we have to survive two days of 40 degrees.  Pulled many blighted leaves off my poor beleaguered potatoes.  This weather is far too hot for the garden.  And it is definitely too hot for the gardener.