Wednesday, July 1, 2015

WTF is going on? Stinking hot day followed by shock news...

Tuesday 30 June 2015

40 degrees - like being in Dubai

I was dreading today so got up early at 6.30 when it was deliciously fresh and a slightly chilly 19 degrees and went forth into the garden to dead head, battle with the 12 foot long brambles and do a bit of weeding.  The garden is getting completely out of control and away from me so I am going to have to do some early morning sessions and I will be having siestas in any event so that will be OK.  Managed to do 7 - 10 and then it got to 32 degrees so I came in.

The phone rang and it was my colleague and she was still wound up about the fact I hadn't been able to show a house on Saturday because of the sitting tenant.  The tenant is a friend of hers and also works for a rival agency.  She had blocked my visit, saying that there were three visits in one morning.  My colleague smelled a rat; a large rat.  I have been doing a few visits lately and it has been getting progressively more difficult to get into that house.  I told my colleague that I would definitely inform the owner and then I would let the tenant know that I had informed the owner.  If she is game playing, then she will think twice about doing it again as she will have to give feedback on non existent visits and if the visits were true, then my colleague has behaved correctly towards the seller and the tenant will have to get over it.  Our first duty is to the client.  She said she would think about it.

OH goes down the flat and I hoover and mop and am absolutely dripping by the time he gets back.  Have some lunch and OH puts on a recording of a Russian subtitled film about two shipwrecked sailors who find an island on the Caspian sea and both fall in love with the same girl but she is in love with someone else.  There is a lot of impromptu bursting into song and the editing is surprising.  Passed out in the middle and when I woke up, they were sailing off into the sunset and the girl was waving from the beach.  OH went upstairs and sprayed the parquet which has suddenly become infested with wood fleas.  They are minuscule but the bite they give you is sharp, poison infested and lasts for about five days. They have become resistant to most classic household cures so we have to blast them with stuff meant for cattle sheds, which is evil and we have to sleep in other rooms until the odour and fumes go away.

The phone rang and it was my notaire and, hurrah, the US man has paid over the penalty monies and it only remains for the US lady to sign the paperwork and then everyone can be paid out and I can find her another house.

I walk dog and it is very, very hot.  I think longingly of cooler climes and sea breezes and being able to see the kids regularly.  

Back home and Skype bursts into song and it is the US lady.  She IS going to buy the house and had always intended to buy the house.  She had never said she was going to sign the paperwork to release the penalty monies and the worst the seller could do would be to force her to buy, which she wants to do anyway.  She couldnt tell me before because she was waiting for her future ex husband to pay in the penalty monies.   

I am totally shocked.  The sellers are going to be LIVID.  WTF is this woman playing at? She says her notaire knew all along that she would be buying.  It is fortunate for her notaire that she is on holiday this week as I would have rung her up and given her an earful.    It is gone six pm so I have to email the notaire to say ring me urgently.  She gets back within five minutes.  We agree that we have never known anything like it and she looks at the contract and says there is a substitution clause but it is likely that the US lady's husband will have to sign to agree to substitute another person.  He is completely unaware that his future ex wife intends pursuing the sale and has just borrowed 20k from his mother to pay off the penalties.  She says she will have to assign the buyer and contrain them to pay the whole purchase price within 15 days but this will involve having to find a bailiff in the States and paying their fees.  With some trepidation, I email the seller in far away Arab Emirates.  He basically (very basically) replies that she can sod off.  She has defaulted on the agreement, he and the husband have agreed terms and he will not sell the house to her.  I also get outraged emails, full of CAPITAL letters, from his now deranged mother.

Agree with OH that US lady and her future ex husband are both as bad as one another.  I just want to get paid - this has been going on for nearly a year now.