Saturday, July 11, 2015

Agate seas and swimming and a little free sandblasting later....

Friday 10 July 2015

Probably very hot at home - delightful 27 on the coast

Get up and examine the doming on the resin pendants and, frustratingly, the resin had run and attached them very firmly to the kitchen roll on which they were resting. Oh bummer!!! Tried to pick it off and it is, literally and actually, stuck like glue.  Will have to sand them down and then paint over a fine layer of resin to give them their shine again. Was not therefore in a good mood when I went into the kitchen and saw the chaos.  Pounded up the stairs and prodded OH who, as usual, was comatose.  Informed him he was lazy and needed to get out of bed in the mornings, do a full days work and get the sodding rental unit finished.  He said things take a long time and I reminded him he was working on a 40m2 flat and a real workman could have built a full house from scratch in 14 months.  He said I was outrageous for nagging at that time in the morning and he would therefore work even slower and I said how was I going to notice the difference and went out and banged the door and watered.

Our neighbour's dog came around and promptly ran off with some washing from the benches.  I found him tossing some of my underwear around in the lane - again black coloured.  He is a knicker nicker that dog.  Had words with him too and closed the big wrought iron gates.  With a bit of luck, he will not realise you can cut around the back.

OH came out with a cup of tea for me after giving me enough cooling down time and said he would go to Spain and do the shopping himself.  The thought of the sea and its cool embrace was too much to resist so I got changed into the car and knitted a clanger in silence as we drove.  This took up my attention so I was not aware of whether or not OH was squeezing terrifyingly close to the lorries on the narrow two lane motorway at the approaches of the big town.  Ikea is nearly finished!!!!  The sign is up and we are just six weeks from opening.  I will never have lived so close to a store.

Arrived and found the top road had been reopened (the fragile cliff surface having been contained with a large wire hair net) and there were a lot of free parking spaces providing you were wanting to walk so we went along the prom for the mile into town and had calamares and mixed salad and I felt more agreeable and OH promised to start next week. He is not yet aware that, in future, he is going to be woken at 8 am...

The main town beach was heaving so we went to the far end where you could see the sand between the bodies.  There were a fair few boobs on show - some more affected by gravity than others.  I could feel OH's eyes swivelling as he tried to identify a pair which were under 25 years old and consequently wasn't looking where he was going and caught his toe in the end of the stair rail and went splat on the sand.  That cheered me up immensely.  

The sea was stupendously beautiful with a Mama Mia white yacht circling slowly where the water turned from agate to indigo.  There is nothing quite like the shock of sea water heating one's overheated body and it took me quite a few sharp intakes of breath to get everything wet.  A Spanish woman joined me in a little gratuitous shrieking.  OH put on his goggles and attempted to do more than six strokes before sinking.  He starts off on the horizontal and then describes a downward trajectory.  Like youngest son, he does not have any buoyancy. After about half an hour, he was puce with the effort and went to sit on the towel.  I started out across the bay, carefully keeping people on my left hand side so I was sure not to be too far out.  The wind became gusting and choppy waves started whacking me in the face. People were getting out of the sea.  I swam back in and picked up a selection of interesting stones and some red seaweed.  The sand, dried by the sudden wind, spiralled up and started sand blasting the standers and lier arounders and the walkers and the ping pong players.  How fast can a beach empty?  Think Jaws.  By the time I saw OH, he was dressed and back up on the top promenade.  I joined the rest in running away from the stinging sand and we went to the big shop and then home.

My colleague rang to say there may be a revisit on one of my houses tomorrow.  Had shark and salad for supper and it was awesome.  Watched Murray and Gasquet go out of Wimbledon in straight sets.  Sad but it does mean that Sunday's final between Djokevitch and Federer will be EPIC!