Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The neighbour's dog favours black....

Tuesday 7 July 2015

Blissed out 27 with heavy cloud cover, light breeze and rain later

I actually didn't get through the door until very late on in the day.  I opened all the windows, threw open the doors and let the fresh air blow all through the house.  Out went the hot, bored flies.  In came the sweet smell of grass and flowers and fields.     Was awake at extra early even for me.  4.30 to be precise.  Got up and wrote two blog entries and then somehow it was 7 am and another Etsy order came in and I started to realise I may be onto a winner here.  All of the sets of five buttons have sold.  I need to get some more moulds, a lot more resin and start making pendants too.

OH finally crawled out of bed at 9 am and managed to look very tired.  He then went off as usual on a Tuesday to haul the dog around the lake, do some shopping and then have a McDonald's.  I didn't realise that the dog comes into the sitting area with him and hassles people for burgers, cheese and latterly, lettuce.  He also eats dead bees from our front room floor.  He is a very strange dog.  Sometimes he likes the look of a piece of orange or an apple.  It depends on the weather and his inclination.

His dog friend, who comes around to play at least twice a day, has taken to lifting our washing off the various chairs and benches where we drape it to dry, and spreading it out over the lane.  Today, we found an offering of a black tee shirt on the back door step.  My black underwear was artfully arranged on a gatepost.  He must have thrown that one in the air.....

Uploaded four properties and it took an age.  Another order came in.  Started to feel slightly manic.  I don't have any suitable envelopes and I need to prepare and pack the buttons. Someone ordered something I don't actually have in stock...  I didn't realise things were going to take off this quickly.

Prepped up the mandates to send off and received a registered letter from the owner of the flat under mine, containing the damage claim form.  Rang the plumber.  He cant come out until next week.  I said I would pop in tomorrow and give him a spare key.  Rang and set up all my appointments for tomorrow.  Fortunately, most of them are with keys so if I think the clients are not up to much, I can cut short the visits.  They don't know this area and live in China.  I used to wish for clients from further away than Europe and now I have them.  May you get what you wish for is the third Chinese curse.  Others are more well known

May you live in interesting times
May you be recognised by people in high places

Cleared the decks in the office and made some more buttons and experimented with lichen in a pendant drop.  It colours up beautifully and the form is so intricate.  Decided to hand print some parcel tags and cut out a heart shape and then sew on the buttons.  Finished off by writing a little message on the side.  All buttons used to be sewn onto cards.  Good to tap into the 1950's vibe which is so current.

Watched Serena Williams obliterating someone but with some effort and it was an excellent match.  Refused to watch the other match, which involved a screamer.  Finished up with Hi de Hi which is the episode when Dempster takes over as Entertainments Manager.

Walked dog as the light was fading and the storm clouds bubbling on the horizon.