Friday, July 10, 2015

Its better when the trousers stay up....

Thursday 9 July 2015

24 degrees.  Gorgeous Summer day and no heads boiled

Up early and determined to get to the insurance office first thing.  There are now three claims involving the building in town.  The neighbours - an architects office - are claiming water damage to their roof, dating back in June 2014, when the roof guttering became detached from the down pipe - water got into the wall, some plaster dropped off onto their flat roof and cracked some tiles and then water came in and damaged the ceiling.  Why have they taken a year to get around to claiming.  F knows.

Second claim is from the dry cleaners who are claiming damage on their ceiling from when I had the floor relaid in the new rental unit.  Their ceiling was in a rotten condition when they bought seven years ago.  When the work started, she called me in to see the damage and said I should have told them because they were thinking of redoing the ceiling and could have done it at the same time.  They are trying it on. 

Third claim is from both my neighbour immediately below the big rental unit and the dry cleaners from water damage resulting from the big leak at the start of July.

I get to the insurance office and am first in and the lady says hello and the claims are stacking up, aren't they.  I say I am concerned and she says it happens.  Will be glad when I am rid of all of those rental units.  OH has spent one half day in the new unit since he got back from the UK.  He has been 'working' on it since March 2014.  I don't know what he does whilst I am out at work but it is not working in the flat.  I need to apply the sodding whip.

Pound rose to 1.42 during the week but then dropped back when, surprise surprise, the Greeks asked for yet another bail out and are not leaving the Euro.  Why should they when they can keep asking for money which they need to borrow more money to pay back?

Get a Whats app message from yesterday's clients saying that they need to think about it some more.  Bummer - this, in general, is not good news.  My colleague rings and says that he may have a revisit on the house in our town.  It is between that one and one of his absolutely kilometres away - I say how many kms is it between us and that house and he replies that between the visits to the town south of us and the two other houses, he did 320 kilometres.  He also says their new lady has had an offer accepted on a house which I didn't take on because it is on the corner of a busy road and I thought would be unsellable.  Well, that just goes to show, I know nothing.  It also shows how good is their new lady - she has sold as much in a month as the pair of them have managed since the beginning of the year.

Back to our town and pick up some keys and then go to the main bar and wait for my Aussie friends.  They are late so I have a cafĂ© alongĂ© - an espresso with extra hot water so it doesn't make your eyes cross - and watch people coming in and out.  My friend arrives and is looking very summery in a washed out blue dress.  She says it started off a darker colour and her husband will be happy to show his lovely blue underwear, when he arrives.   Her partner then rolls up with a handful of CD's from the music stall and they say they are going to the blues festival just over the border.  

OH had booked and I had not been looking forward to it.  Last year he drank himself insensible, his trousers fell off and he was staggering all over the place and then fell over and I had trouble getting him started again. When we did finally get back to the hotel, I was undressing him when he fell off the bed so I just left him there.  He was in bed, partially dressed when I woke up.  The room was icy with the air con and he had snored all night. This year he had booked for four nights.  The music was rubbish last year too.  It is the gin that does it.  The bar tender takes a tall glass, half fills it with gin and then plays 'hide the ice' with the gin bottle and adds a sniff of tonic.  Five euros and I can only manage one of them.  OH knows no restraint where gin is concerned. Or wine.  This is why I prefer going to stay with friends on holiday.  The risk of his trousers staying on is raised by 100%.

Back home and OH has kitchen full of fishing crap.  How can it take him so long to get ready each time he goes?  He leaves and I enjoy peace and quiet, pour some resin and go to post the orders.  Walk dog down the railway track and it is dappled in the sunlight and just the occasional jogger.  Back home and make chili and the stupid telly has no reception so I have no idea how the tennis is getting along.