Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hot words on a hot day

Saturday 4 July 2015

Stinking hot and very humid.  Am fed up of dripping

Got up and did some watering as it was forecast 33 with high humidity.  Potatoes are starting to fall sideways - hope some tubers have had time to develop - interestingly the La Ratte are holding up better than the Amandine.  Amandine are a lot taller and flowered earlier and I am going to dig some up tomorrow and see what they have managed to produce.

OH went out to do some shopping and walk the dog before the mercury got going in earnest and I went down town to meet our renters and give them back the key.  We sat outside the main bar and had a coffee and I noticed he had still not stuck back his tooth and they surprised me by saying that they would be back in October and wanted to stay in the flat again and also they would be interested in seeing photos of the new flat when it is finished and they may well be interested in buying one of them.  Exciting news!!

They left and I went to the rental unit and, on opening the front door, heard voices on the first floor and realised that the owner's daughter must be there.  I hovered, thinking do I really want to see her and the voice in my head said don't be such a wuss and I wish I had ignored the bloody voice in my head because the daughter, awkward at the best of times, was really, really mad with me and she rang up her mother who was also livid and said she had asked her daughter to go and report it to the police and I said it was a leak and what on earth were the police going to do about it.  The daughter said I didn't give a xxxx about her mother and her mother had had to move out because of all the renovation work we had done over the years and things were always needing doing in the flat she had bought.  What does she expect?  The building is 18th century.  Things will need repairing.  OH has taken an age to do the bloody renovation and only goes periodically.  

The daughter said her mother never knew who was doing what in the building and I never notified her when we would be doing work.  Her mother hasn't been there in over two years and she only needed to poke her head out of the door to see it was always OH doing the work.  He does play his music very loud though....  Anyhow I finally managed to get away and the police didn't ring me so I presume they told the daughter to sod off and stop wasting their time.  The ceiling was a terrible mess - all cracked and brown.  Her flat has been for sale for an age and they have never asked my advice for why it isn't going but it is partly the price - 90k for 67m2 compared to 105k for the flat I have just sold which is 98m2 and also it is full of junk and Indian stuff and looks like a student bedsit.  If they really want to sell it, they need to empty it of her mother's stuff, put up some lovely white voile nets and install an Ikea kitchen.  And improve the lighting in the kitchen, which is rather sombre.

Back home and did some ironing and watched the marvellous German rastaman Dennis Brown go down unfortunately against a very boring opponent.  Shame, he is so athletic and exciting to watch.  He didn't play as well as he had previously when he beat Nadal.  Nadal drives me bonkers with his tweaking of his pants and having to touch his face in four different places before he can serve.  

OH decided to go and power wash the patio.  Shame Wimbledon isn't on more often - he has done no end of useful things this week.  After the women's match, it was Murray time and he was making mincemeat of an Italian for the first two sets and then it all went terribly wrong in the third and he dropped it 6-1.  He then dropped his serve on the opening game of the fourth and I thought, this is torture and will go to a fifth, so went out and watered and, to my amazement, when I came back in, he had won so I wound back and enjoyed his success.  OH particularly hates Murray.  

He also has a certain antipathy towards the Greeks 'what have they done in 2000 years? Fxxx all'

Left him to watch our brave girls battling it out against the Germans for third place in the Women's World Cup.  Lay in bed in pool of sweat and could not get cool.  Bites itched. Finally nodded off in small hours.  Thought I heard rain in the night but it could have been my imagination which was as fevered as the rest of me