Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Torrential rain and the joy of seeing youngest offspring again

Friday 24 July 2015
Heavy showers 21 degrees

Again, awake at 5 am.  Started to read wonderful Raymond Chandler pastiche novel called Don't cry for me Aberystwyth.  Eventually everyone woke up and cousin took me into Andover to try and get some cash out using card and passport.  No RBS in Andover and no other bank would give me any cash.  Went to her shop and watched the rain through the windows and it smelled sweet and heavy and had a slight metallic overtone.  Very quiet morning with only two clients and one had driven from Bournemouth!  She said the traffic was terrible and cousin started to look anxious as she had promised to drive me down to Portsmouth and rain was now torrential.

Looked through some lovely magazines and found a delightful flower petal brooch so started to construct it with felt base and daisy petals made out of scraps of brightly coloured fabric, found in the scrap fabric bag.  12 pm arrived and I went to have my nails done in a neighbouring unit.  I have only once had a manicure and it was in France and their way of doing it is very different - in France they soak the fingers in warm soapy water and then push back the cuticles and cut off virtually all of them.  It had cost 12 euros and I had a french manicure which was gorgeous with pink nails and white tips.  Felt elegant, hand wise, for once.  The English nail lady, wearing violently blue hair, started by buffing and filing the nails and this took out most of the horrible ridging on my thumbs and then she took up a scraper tool and cleared out just the dead part of the cuticle.  Base coat to protect the nail from the chemicals in the varnish, three top coats of aquamarine varnish, and top coat to seal in the colour.  Perhaps I am unfair on my home applied varnish - two hastily applied varnish coats and I expect it to last for a few days.  I am currently typing this on the 29th and there are only a few tiny chips.  

Back to shop and ate sandwich and carried on making brooch.  Lady came into the shop to hold the fort and cousin and I headed off at 4 pm into heavy traffic.  Took an hour and a half to get down to the coast but finally arrived at a very long street of terraced houses and stopped in front of a narrow property with a thick moustache of a privet hedge.  A hammer on the door and thumping of feet on the stairs and there was my youngest WF and my heart just burst with joy so see him and hold him and hear his voice and be near him again.  He is and always will be my baby.  Haven't seen him since his graduation a whole year ago.  He looked well with a little bit of stubble and hair neatly cut.  Cousin had wee stop and then left and hugged youngest again and we had a cup of tea and we had dinner of chops, peas and baked potatoes after a quick trip to the shops as the cupboards were absolutely bare.

Fortunately there were two rooms to choose from and I took one upstairs with a new mattress which was very comfortable.  This house is 100% better than former house which had a year's worth of loo rolls bursting out from the under stairs cupboard toilet and thousands of flyers and junk mail in the hallway.  Had to go to bed at 10 as was completely bushed.