Saturday, August 1, 2015

Catch up day and the beauty of vintage postcards

Wednesday 29 July 2015
Cool and showery

Spent most of day catching up with paperwork.  OH went down to the new rental unit and I took the opportunity to email people who said they were interested in coming back and potentially buying one of our rental units and they got back almost right away and said they would get back in mid to late October.  Transmit this information to OH and he grimaces and I remind him that he said he would have the place finished for the end of August (another ha!).  He went fishing and I weeded and tied up tomatoes.  Have manic cherry, misshapen beef heart, still green normal and malevolent black Crimean varieties.  The green bean plants look very small and weedy but keep on producing.  There are peppers and sweet piments, main crop Amandine and salad La Ratte potatoes.  Nectarine absolutely laden with fruit.  Made warm potato salad with veg and chorizo followed by poached nectarines and vanilla ice cream.  Yum

Here are some of my collection of vintage French postcards dating from the Edwardian era through to the 40's
Gently the mother leans over the cradle of the pink baby and in her half open mouth appears a white pearl

What to reply to the call of an awakening love, when the heart echos what the ear hears

A new load of modern babies

This lady reminds me of me in one of my earlier incarnations

Can I borrow your lipstick.  Go away, you pervert