Friday, July 31, 2015

Walking in the rain and the wind gets up...

Sunday 26 July 2015
Cloudy start with torrential rain and very windy

Woke at 6 am.  The bags under my eyes are turning into suitcases.  Rain forecast.  Note from emails from colleague that she is up and working at 4 am on a Sunday.  She will burn out and is not even making enough money to currently cover her advertising.  Read my new book - Sue Townsend's The Woman who went to bed for a year.  Very much empathised with the main character.  Got up at 9 and had shower and did dishes and then bought ticket to Gatwick online and walked down to the station to collect it.  Violent gusting wind blowing around the no win scratch cards, burger boxes and flyers.  Empty bottle of Vodka rolling around on the steps of the Good News Anglican church.

Got back and WF was cooking breakfast of sausages and egg.  No oil or butter or marge in the cupboard so egg welded itself to pan.  Surprisingly, found some brown sauce in the cupboard.  FB'd eldest RJ and WF rang him and finally he responded by FB at 11 am to say he would try and get over in the afternoon.  Went together to Post Office (when did that start to open on a Sunday?) to pick up yet more of OH's Ebay purchases and then walked to Gun Wharf Quay which is shopping outlet are.  Lot more expensive than Commercial Road and WF didn't plump for anything.  Had cappuccino in Café Nero and then tried to walk along front by Spinnaker Tower which WF refused to go up due to violent winds - had to hang onto him to stop being blown about.  He is very sold on his size 11's.  Spire of the tower so high. Rain started again in earnest so we got back and I did his ironing and some more crying.

Was interrupted by a group arrival - family of another girl from Cyprus who is the unlucky new occupant of the incontinent ferret owner's room.  I had investigated this room as potential lodgement for the weekend and it was just chock full of stuff.  Boxes are ranged along the whole of one wall and the odour of paint and ferret urine are fighting it out.  It is badly orientated and dark because it looks onto the laundry extension.

The sun came out and I went in search of the good looking curry house I had seen this morning but it had vanished amongst the plethora of shops on the main street.  Saw food I didn't know and vegetables I didn't recognise.  Came back and ordered from restaurant we do know - I had chicken rogan josh and youngest mixed grill and it came with Peshwari naan, poppadums, salad and raita.  Watched Dragons Den and Have I Got News For You with Clarkson in chair.  Couldn't keep awake beyond ten pm.