Sunday, August 2, 2015

August 1st traffic jams and thoughts on our future strategy

Saturday 1 August 2015
Cloudy and wet and lovely later 28 degrees

Down town early to drop off some keys at a house then back home, put dog in shed for the day and off to Spain.  We hadn't quite taken into account that it is the first of August and the traffic was truly horrendous and what normally takes an hour and a quarter took two and a half hours and in the end we didn't go to the big town but cut off just before the shopping centre and went for lunch in the port.

There were huge cranes looming over the river and a massive pile of scrap metal.  Tall apartment blocks were stacked up along each bank and the song of a canary floated over the loudspeaker, announcing the arrival of the bike race.  Fishing boats were moored up, their nets and baskets neatly arranged on the decks.  Gulls fought for scraps on the quay.

We went into a bar and had potato tortilla, ham and red pepper sandwiches, seafood frito, coke and finished up with coffee.  OH had given me time to calm down about the backsliding on location of UK purchase.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, I am having the best year for business since 2007 and he is right that it is stupid to give up when I am on a run. He suggests that we get a property on which we can do work in the dull, cold and business free winter months, keep a room for us and rent out the others.  WF can live there and I can have a place to go and see him when I feel the need.  He says he would need to see where would give the best yield and I said I was OK with this plan provided it was near the boys and we left it at that.  He said that we didnt know where they would be living and working in time to come but I will lay my hat that they wont be in some rural northern farming community.  They will be in the South and that is where I will be too.  In marriage, you have to let your partner think they have earned some ground.

Went to big shop and I found that Zara had a sale and got a lovely thick cable ribbed oyster coloured jumper and zingy red long cardigan for 20 euros.  Did big shop and had coffee and cake and watched TV above the bar, showing American women trying on immensely expensive wedding dresses.  Shop was virtually empty, probably because everyone stuck on the autoroute.  Back home, walked dog and collected first autumn raspberries.  They were beyond delicious.

Ordered some bails, chains and ring blanks.  Need to get going on the jewellery making and cards.  Things have gone very quiet on Etsy - I shouldnt have put everything on at the same time - the trick seems to be to load one thing every couple of days.  Had shark and salad and it was wonderful.