Tuesday, August 4, 2015

This town is looking like a ghost town and some delightful doggy eyebrows

Monday 3 August 2015

Extremely hot and humid 33 degrees
Wet blanket weather

Even the birds were silent this morning.  Just an occasional caw caw of a crow.  Skies lumpy and yellow.  26 degrees by 9 am.  Caught up on emails - not a lot happening.  August is a time for the curious and the cashless.  Also a terrible time for trying to bring on new stock.  The Summer Sales incentive comes through and I am in joint first place on offers, ninth place on fed back visits and fifth place on new properties on market.  As usual, they haven't said what the prizes are, but I did win an Iphone 5 two years ago.  I would have won the wooden spoon last year...  I need some more offers.  I will never be well placed on visits - the person in first place has already done 31 (and only got one offer out of it) and the first place person for properties brought on is already eight houses ahead of me.  I don't want to bring in dross just to get better placings.

Over to big town to meet the clients who are signing the Acte de Vente today.  Hang around under a tree and the clock on the Mairie tower crawls inexorably around to 11 and they ring about three minutes before to tell me they are sitting in a bar.  Collect them and find that the sellers are even later, having come down from Bx but everything goes smoothly.  We go for a quick panaché and beer and then back home.

Dog seems to have had a wilder time than we realised yesterday and is consequently as stiff as a board.  He sits with his bum on the floor and his front legs splay out on the tiles. He looks absolutely exhausted.  I put him in his basket, where he snores loudly.

No rest for the wicked.  Leave OH wrestling with seafood and go over to Basque town to get a mandate signed.  It must be all day closing because the place is like a ghost town.  The lovely shop I had been looking forward to visiting is firmly barred and grilled.  Bummer. The lady has wonderful and eclectic taste and I wanted to pick up some new ideas.  Spotted afar some interesting ideas for showing earrings.  Drawing of a head on a card with the earring spiked through.  I will have to come back.  I will also have to get my ear reopened.

Manage to find the house without too much difficulty.  I don't know why he couldn't have printed off the mandate and signed the perishing thing like everyone else does instead of making me do 70 km round trip.  Perhaps he wanted a look at me.  Decide if I am trustworthy.  His dog greets me with joy.  It is a labradoodle with very mobile eyebrows and is a deep chocolate colour.  His dog has the manners that he lacks.  He is extremely brusque.  His poor wife, in a side room and doing a cross word on her iPad, has advanced MS.  After some verbal too and froings, they sign the mandate and I try and go for an ice cream and am totally ignored by the bar staff, who are far too interested in talking to one another so leave and stop at another town en route and meet an English family with three boys who have just arrived.  Give them my card just in case they feel the urge to buy something larger than a beer.

Back home and OH is still wrestling with seafood and declares he needs a lie down.  Poor lamb.  How tiring it is making seafood rissotto.  Ring people and mostly they are not at home.  Eat delicious rissotto and wash mountain of rissotto dishes.  Dog is still snoring on floor.  Skies turn black and rumble and it rains, heavily and wonderfully, and the air smells fresh and sweet as I close my windows for sleep.