Thursday, August 6, 2015

Getting things in order and then go to bed annoyed

Wednesday 5 August 2015

Very hot - didn't go out for most of day
34 degrees

OH went down to battle with the ongoing works at the rental unit and I spent the morning cleaning some rooms downstairs.  Don't think I have done any deep cleaning since the last visit we had on the house, where the woman was revisiting and loved it, and the man was coming for the first time and said house was good but it was down in a dip.  What is it with this obsession with views of the Pyrenees.  Unless you are actually living in the middle of them, you cant see them in Summer when it is hot.  They are spectacular in Winter but then you get the icy wind blowing straight off them plus road noise.  

We are protected, down in our little valley.  All we hear is bird song and it is rare that it is very windy.  The trees in the forest bring us freshness and oxygen and provide a sheltered walk in both Summer and Winter.  They are especially beautiful in winter, the sharp smell of pine, the bare bones of the oaks and rowans exposed to the elements, the crunch of golden leaves underfoot.

The spiders have made merry on the beams and windows and there must be six months meals trapped in the webs.  I apologise but put both spiders and meals outdoors.  Hoover the floors, mats and the dog.  Dog doesn't seem to mind.  Most of the hair on the floor is his. There is less dust at this time of year as we don't have the wood fire.  The paint on the ceilings between the beams is now off white and I wonder what our lungs look like. Probably like someone on 40 Players a day.

I put away the mountain of ironing and non iron clothes and sort out the bills, letters and general paperwork and get everything neat and organised by lunch time.  OH comes back and we eat and then both feel very tired and have siesta and then somehow it is 4 pm.

OH is trying to book an apartment in Galicia for a few days holidays this month and is severely challenged by the Air B n B website.  He spends at least an hour on the phone to an American woman who deserves sainthood, if she has to put up with people like OH on a daily basis. He comes out to find me in the garden and says I need to come and help because the woman wants him to wipe something out from the beginning of time and is talking about biscuits.  I come in from digging potatoes, take the phone off him and quickly establish that the fact that the payment is not going through is because he is trying to pay by Paypal and, unless you actually have funds in your Paypal account, it won't work.  He pays by card.  The confusion has arisen because, using Ebay, Paypal can be used to pay with credit card and it is not necessary to have actual funds in your Paypal account.  Anyhow, we have some days on a beach in Galicia and it will be bliss.  Dog booked into pension.

Go and spend a couple of hours in my craft room, sort everything out and take photos of card stock and put them in shiny cellophane envelopes, where they look very professional. Listen to Eva Cassidy and Kate Bush - the kick inside.  Dont think I have listened to this album in over thirty years.  The opening whale sounds took me straight back to 1979 and to a place and a room and a feeling.

Get an email from one of my new buyers, saying they have decided to take on an English speaking expert from the UK to translate the compromis.  Very frustrated.  I had explained to the bloke that I would read through it fully with them on Sunday.  He doesn't listen at all and just drivels on endlessly.  This is going to put a delay on things and the owners are keen to sell as quickly as possible in order to get on with the renovations.  Oh bloody hell. Go to bed annoyed.