Friday, August 7, 2015

Busy day followed by delicious dinner and much hilarity

Thursday 6 August 2015
Pleasantly cool and sunny 26 degrees

Normally I love to go around the market on a Thursday, look at the stalls, grab a coffee and chat to the locals (if you miss a week they think I have given up working as agent) and buy unnecessarily clothing at the fripperie.  OH declared that he needed my weight for something.  We arrived at the rental unit, bristling with tools and equipment, and I was very pleased to see what a neat job he had made of piecing the worktop which he had cut too short.  Unfortunately it needed screwing together underneath to stop it wobbling and it was infernally difficult.  My weight was insufficient and so OH said I would have to get under the unit and screw in the plate.  The lightweight drill weighed a ton.  I kept on dropping screws into inaccessible places and couldn't drill in a straight line.  I apparently am feeble and not helpful.  He managed to get everything in place by which time we were both dripping and so needed some refreshing tea and cake.

My Whatsapp app started binging and it was a friend of the NZ ladies who was just about to get on a plane from Hong Kong and could we fit him in tomorrow.  Felt manic.  Whatever happened to the two week's notice I asked him for?  Back home, quick lunch and I sort out when and where to meet him tomorrow and line up some potential properties.  Back out to our nearest big town and meet some camper van people.  OH said I should wear hippy clothing but drew the line at my digging out my Doctor Who full length denim coat, complete with Save the Whale and Ban Nuclear Weapons badges.  I would have probably melted in it in any event.  Settled for a Boden dress with excessively large red flowers.  On seeing the clients, was relieved to see that they looked pleasant and the lady was also wearing a flowery dress.  We got on very well and set out for the first appointment at the house with the big black dogs.  

French people love plastic uPVC windows.  These people didn't.  We left and went to a house in a neighbouring department and they thought that one was really grim.  Oh dear.  I had a quick rethink and rang a friend who is sufficiently keen to sell that she will drop to their budget.  This was much better and after a first turn around the house and land, we left them to look around on their own and sat in the garden with our friends under the pollarded London Planes and it was lovely.  The couple loved the house and we had to extract them after an hour and a half because we were going out to dinner.  Arranged to meet on Saturday.  Alas they are out with my main competitors tomorrow.

Back home and quick change into paisley pattern long Indian silk dress, lots of big jewelry and decide to hell with fashion and put on comfortable oyster coloured ballerina pumps. The couple who had bought at the start of the week had invited us out to dinner.  We met them in the centre of town and OH took us off to a bar which looked as if it was closed.  We prised open the grill on the door and found the owner who was very happy to serve us.  Every other bar in town was heaving and noisy.  This bar was like the bar that time forgot.  The Jamaican lady had two pints of cider and talked about shopping.  She really likes shopping and talked lots about makes of clothing and furniture that I have never heard of.  I had lager. Time rolled on very pleasantly and then we went to the best restaurant in town.  We had a mixture of foie gras and salmon tartelettes, OH had farmers chicken with sweet potato puree and vegetables and the rest of us had hake in a piquant sauce.  We finished with strawberry and chocolate tarte.  We sat outside and every table was full.  Finally, we went for a digestif and I felt fine until I tried to get off the bar stool and discovered my legs didn't want to work any more.  The lady was absolutely hilarious.  Her OH has taken her all over the world but she doesnt seem to have any idea where anywhere is.   What were those islands we went to? she asked her OH.  The ones by the English Channel with the penguins?  Those were the Falklands dear.  I nearly passed out laughing.

Back home and collapsed to bed, without drinking enough water.