Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I am dangerous (apparently)

Monday 5 October 2015
Sunny periods 16 degrees

Spent most of morning uploading properties and trimming photos and then in the afternoon went out and battled with the greenery.

Had message from old friend who asked why I had got back into contact with them and I replied because I had seen their name and thought Why not?  I said I am impulsive and the friend replied that they had always thought I was someone who very carefully weighed up all the options before making any decisions.  Isn't it funny the difference between how you view yourself and how other see you?  I was fascinated to learn that a bar owner in town had told someone who was looking to buy in our town, that I was dangerous and should be avoided.  I wonder if he has heard that I think he cant be trusted as far as you can throw him and the only information worth giving him is something you want spread far and wide....

Seven o'clock came around all too soon and we went out to see the people who are renting our little flat and making buying noises.  Alas, they were more interested in drinking and talking about the flat which OH has yet to finish.  Things have ground to complete halt on the new flat.  Drank far too much gin and came home and had pizza and felt depressed.