Sunday, October 4, 2015

Wood jenga and it is not good news for English rugby

Saturday 3 October 2015

Sunny periods

Between the choice of playing jenga with the enormous wood pile and cleaning the house, I went for the latter option.  I clean sporadically and OH only cleans when we have visitors, so there was quite a lot to do.  The spiders do not spin their webs sporadically, nor the dog cease with hair shedding.  I hoovered and changed the beds and knocked the flies off the window sills and fumed when I discovered a tooth brush was bunging up the Hoover.  OH denied it was him but I only ever Hoover with the end on the machine and he inevitably hoovers with it off.  It is physically impossible to pick up a toothbrush with the end on the Hoover....

My 2 pm cancelled so I had the afternoon to do some more gardening.  Despite having removed three wheelbarrow loads - brimming ones - each day from the garden for the past week - hard to see the difference.  It is a jungle out there.  Nature doesn't do sporadic either.  My back hurt so had a bath and dug OH out of bed where he had sneaked off for a snooze and went out to my 4 pm appointment.

The GPS refused to work, I was stuck behind a convoy of tractors carrying cut Tobacco and then when I got to the village, found there was no Internet signal so couldn't use Maps app on my iPhone.  Finally got through to the owner and she said that the house was by a tout petit rondpoint.  Finally found her and the house about 40 minutes later.  Her little roundabout is what most people would call a junction.  Gorgeous house.  Signed her up in an hour, got stuck behind some more tractors and got home to find no dinner and OH still playing wood jenga.  He made tuna and roast veg and it was lovely, which was good as I was by then very tired and cold.

The renters for the little unit turned up whilst I was out so OH let them in.  They have indicated that they might be interested in buying it, which would be totally fab and mean we would be down just to the last unit, yet to be finished.

English rugby team annihilated by the Aussies.  They were passing faster and seemed to run rings around us.

Passed out on sofa and OH insisted I went to bed.  Could hear dog snoring in the kitchen.