Friday, October 2, 2015

It is Friday and all is put to bed and I find wonderful treasure haul...

Friday 2 October 2015

Sporadic rain 16 degrees

Rather fractured night's sleep - my mother was there.  Why have I started dreaming about people who have passed over?  Woke early and drank lots of tea and enjoyed some peace and quiet.  Was happily chatting on FB when it suddenly occurred to me I should be down the little rental unit and meeting the man who was turning on the water.  Took OH cup of tea and the phone rang.  It was a lady who wanted to give me her house for sale.  She sent me the link and it will be ideal for two English ladies coming separately towards the end of the month.

Threw on some clothes and found appropriate bedding and cleaning stuff and went down town.  First stop was the insurance company to find alternative quotes for the new car.  Got a bewildering sheaf of paper which I was later incapable of deciphering for OH's benefit. Then rang the plumber and he has still not been in to see about servicing the boiler for the NZ ladies who are coming from the middle east and 30 degrees and will be here again next week.  Asked him to pull his finger out.  Then to the bank to ask about a banker's cheque for buying the car and how long it would take to prepare - two minutes apparently - so asked him how he could justify 50 euro fee.  He couldn't.  Bxxxds.  Banker....

Phone rang and it was the notary and she has written to the owner of the town house where the American guy is refusing to accept the Mairie's confirmation that the house is attached to the mains drains and is insisting on an independent report.  Glad it is not me having to tell the owner.  Notary said she should have tried harder to reassure the client. Indeed she should but at least she is not chickening out of doing it.

Phone rang again and it was a lady who I had said I would pop around and see and had completely forgotten.  Finally got into the rental unit just after midday and spent two hours cleaning.  Back home and had snooze on sofa.

Popped into a brocante and found the most ravishing collection of tiny semi precious stones for just ten euros.  I could not leave them to languish, so brought them home.

Rudely awoken by OH who had decided to go fishing.  Most people go fishing to catch fish. OH had decided to take some fish with him and had started filling up a plastic tank in the boot of the car.  He had gone back into the house to get something, during which time the hose pipe shot up and started filling the car with water.  He has killed the radio.  He is such a pillock.  The other car is still not starting and I had a flash of inspiration and tried the spare key and it started right away.  Must be the anti starting mechanism playing up with the other key.  Why would you have an anti starting mechanism on a car.  Surely the whole idea of a car is that you want it to start?  I understand nothing.  Finally he left and I cleaned up the kitchen and made rabbit and chorizo casserole with liberal dash of chili and our peppers, pimentos and potatoes.  Dog refused to go for a walk which was fine by me.

Filed all the paperwork and updated the craft group for members on the map.

For the first time in I don't know how long, it is Friday and I do not have a sodding great list of things to do.  Feel very zen.  Long may it last