Sunday, September 27, 2015

Away to Gijon

Saturday 19 September 2015

Packed up and away for ten am.  Skies dizzy blue.  Sat nav got very confused around Ferrol.  Birthplace of Castro.  Big railway station.  Arrived in one of our favourite cities, Gijon, in early evening and booked onto the 9th floor of the Hernan Cortes, figuring that even if there was bedlam down on the streets, it should be calm up high.  Short siesta then OH vanished, mapless, to 'stretch his legs' and I went around the shops.  One called Tiger, have only ever seen it in Spain - full of little paper and plastic things which you never realised you needed until you got your hands on them and realised that you could not leave the shop without them.  Bought cardboard fold out houses (please dont ask me what I will do with them), sticky backed pretty floral paper, gift bags, bag of fruit and nuts and some spices.

OH had marched off somewhere into the docks, apparently in search of a hairdresser.  Met up over an hour and a half later and attempted to find a bar which sells huge range of artisan beers - went there last time we were here.  An elderly Spanish couple took us in hand and kept on asking young girls where was the bar, until finally we came across it and it was absolutely nowhere near where we had been looking.  Had two bottles.  OH was looking quite flushed by this point and wanted to get a taxi to a "marvellous" sea food bar he had spotted when out on his walk.  He couldnt remember its name and I had to restrain him from flagging down cars which were going in the right direction.  

Fortunately a good looking restaurant manifested itself in front of us; a miracle and so we ate there.  Back to bed and oblivion

OH stretching his legs in a place where I can keep track of him...