Monday, September 28, 2015

Catch up day

Tuesday 22 September 2015
Rain off and on all day 18 degrees

Slept badly and woke feeling very tired.  Spent all morning catching up with tasks and emails.  Spoke to the business manager and he has still not managed to speak to the buyers of the contemporary house, who now say they want to withdraw from the sale as the whole thing has been horrifically stressful and they are now in a legal procedure with the anglo french law company.  Noticed that the sellers have put it back on the Bon Coin. These buyers have been a nightmare to deal with - the woman is the decision maker but has never been available to speak to and the bloke just rambles on endlessly, doesn't listen and then relays incorrect messages to the woman which is how they came to engage the crooks in the first place.

Walked dog for over an hour up and over the hill.  Caught in an unexpected downpour during which dog enjoyed a protracted sniff at a big pile of poo.

Sorted out photos from holiday.  OH looked at cars on the Internet.

Watched a really creepy horror film called the Imaginary Playmate where the 'friend' turns out to be a malevolent spirit.

thanks to deviant art