Monday, September 28, 2015

Finding time to do what speaks to the heart....

Wednesday 23 September 2015
Sunny 22 degrees

Set alarm at 7 so I could catch up with writing.  I am still ten days behind on the blog but at least I have it all in manuscript form.  OH says what is the point of writing every day - well what is the point of anything?  The point is to do something which adds value to your life. Dale Carnegie separates tasks into degrees of importance and urgency.  

Urgent and important - tends to be done immediately
Urgent and unimportant - also high on the list.
Not urgent and not important - these are the things we do mindlessly and which tends to eat up vast amounts of time, like telly or social media.

What is essential is that you plan into your days the important but not urgent - this is your bucket list; the things which, in the words of Carrie Bradshaw, 'whisper to your heart'. These are the things the real you would be doing if it wasn't going out to work or cooking or doing the shopping or cutting the lawn or surfing the Internet.  IBNU requires effort, which is why it is almost always at the bottom of the very long list of things to do.  Mine is writing and being creative.  I would love to make lots of money out of what I do.  It would mean that I could stop doing the rest of the crap which eats up my time.

For example, I could have told the buyers of the contemporary house, who instructed the disastrous anglo french law company and since have spent about the last eight weeks being largely uncontactable and have now commenced legal proceedings, and have withdrawn from the purchase, I could have told them to go xxxx themselves weeks ago.  I would not then have been obliged to ring up the sellers and give them the bad news and bear their incomprehension followed by their fury and declared intention to take legal proceedings themselves against the buyers.

Took the car into town to have the windscreen replaced and had a look at other cars.  Took a Scenic for a test drive.  Had lots of bells and whistles but seat was very uncomfortable.  

Discovered that neither of the copy compromis, signed weeks ago, had been sent out until the end of last week.  They hadn't been sent FEDEX or DHL but by the wondrous French postal service La Poste, which can take a week to deliver things within the metropole. Wrote to notary, expressing deep dissatisfaction and she wrote me back a snotty email.  She can go and xxxx herself too.

Went back to get car which now has beautifully shiny windscreen.  Man in Renault garage offered 2000 euros in part ex against our car which is 7 years old and has not far from 275000 kms on the clock.  OH was all for buying the Scenic immediately and we had words and I said I was not buying the first car we saw and so we went home and found a C Max on the coast and arranged to go and see it tomorrow.

Man from China over next week and he is insisting on stopping in the house which he is buying.  Because the copy compromis only left France today and God knows how long it will take to be delivered, the ten day withdrawal period is no way underway and the danger is that if he comes and stays in the house and then decides he doesn't like it, he can withdraw without motive given and get his deposit back.  Feel very fraught