Monday, September 28, 2015

Scenic times...

Saturday 26 September 2015

Sunny 23 degrees

Up early and over to coast to test drive new Scenic.  Still have concerns about the comfort of the seats but I dare say we will get used to them and otherwise the spec is very good and the price with part ex on my current vehicle with four years warranty is 17k for a November 2014 car.  Had a protracted test drive and it handles well although you need to use second gear more than with current one.  Got slightly lost and managed to program the integral sat nav which took us back safely.  OH extremely nervous passenger.  He should try being me in the next life.  Signed the order and were told to come back in October when the car's registration plate, currently 76 Normandie, would be changed to our departement and it would have had a full service and clean up.

Went to Ikea for lunch and the cafeteria was utterly heaving.  Had fish and chips with horseradish sauce and lingonberry juice and daim cheesecake and much too much free coffee.

Back home, rivers shining in the sun, and tidied up a bit before going out to see impressive manor house in our town.  Owned by four people who live in different parts of France.  This time was a Dr from Poitiers.  Went around and measured up and admired the huge collection of exotic shells from Tahiti.

Dr had a very nervous manner and smoked many thin Winston cigarettes.  Not sure I would like her as my physician. She looked like she had a bit of healing to do on herself first.

Back home.  Tidied craft room.  Must make a start on those sodding poppies

This is an example of a Scenic - mine will follow later...