Monday, September 28, 2015

Super moon....

Sunday 27 September 2015  super moon

24 degrees sunny

Took OH a cup of tea and he said he knee hurt so gave him a half hour reiki treatment and then went down town to vide grenier but discovered it had been yesterday.  Bought cakes and came back home and spent an hour weeding the piments, peppers and beans which are still fruiting.  Started to stiffen up so swapped to hacking back the exuberant greenery. Managed to pull out most of the passion vine - absolute thug.

Trimmed back a large sedge which took its revenge by slicing up my arm.  'Sedges have edges'

Made apple and raspberry tarte and it had just finished cooking when the electric went off. Up the hill and listened to recorded message saying it would be back at 8.30

Back down the hill and when, eventually, it came back on had pizza and pie.  Taped Downton Abbey and watched Laurie Lee's Cider with Rose, which was gloriously filmed and just as delightful as the book.  Had to take second half as just couldnt keep awake.

Moon stunning with huge silver and yellow halo and the seas like thumb prints.

OH knee had completely seized up and we had a heck of a time getting him up the stairs - he is nearly twice as heavy as myself.  Went to peace and calm of my own bed and watched the silver filigree moonlight sheen on the wall of my room until I slipped gently into the good night