Monday, September 28, 2015

Get rather fraught....

Friday 25 September 2015
Sunny 24 degrees

More catching up with paperwork.

I had accidentally downloaded the Ask tool bar when updating Real Player and OH just went nuts.  We had a huge row and I got in the car and drove around for ages before going to see colleague for tea and sympathy.  She said her husband doesn't speak a word of English, also treats her like a secretary and when she gets very angry her French becomes blocked and she ends up screaming expletives at him in English, which of course he doesn't understand, and is so much less satisfactory.

Went back home eventually and OH said sorry and made me tea and gave me some chocolate and put back together my laptop which I had hurled across the room.  Despite being brand new, it is the slowest computer I have ever had and had just, this morning, decided that it was incompatible with Google Chrome.  OH made egg and bacon and then I went to see a lady who lives next door to the NZ ladies and her home is immaculate and smells wonderfully floral.  I have never seen so many clothes and shoes and jewellery - one bedroom dedicated to their storage.

We sat by the pool and talked price and alas she wants 250000 euros for a house which is barely 100m2 but what the hell, I took it on anyway.

Afterwards, went to see a couple whose town house has a shop on the ground floor and the most terrible whiff of dog on the other three.  On sale at 175000 euros, they indicated that they would take 140000.  Very reasonable.  Their 25 year old son, 25 and never worked a day in his life, was lying in bed and playing video games.  The parents shrugged 'its his life'. Idle bastard.  I would switch the electric off.  They showed me another house in town which they bought recently and have now gone off the idea of doing a full renovation.  320m2 and they would sell for 65000 euros.

Back home and to bed early.