Monday, September 28, 2015

Homeward bound

Monday 21 September

Up for 9.30 and packed and headed off.   Read "Painted Blossoms" by Carrie Schmidt for most of the way home.  Don't wait until your life is over to do what you love.  Listen to the whisperings of your heart.  Do it now.

Back to our town and went to get dog.  He looked perky.  Lady said he had spent first two days in a depression because he had been separated from us.  Little does she know that he spends his whole time running off and is a complete menace.  "He is happy to see you, even though he doesn't show it" she said.  Dog was looking the other way at all the dogs he was leaving behind, and didn't look pleased to see me at all.

Back home and rang insurance people and then windscreen people - car caught a pebble and there is a massive crack in the windscreen.

Woodman rang and said he could deliver tonight so said OK and when it came it was all little bits of wood and not the big logs we normally get.  It will be like a massive game of Jenga trying to stack it all.

It started to rain and we went in and had toast and marmalade and an early night.  Behind my eyelids, roads rolled and flowers blossomed.
Newspaper kiosk Gijon

Lady of the sea, Gijon

Morning sun Gijon