Sunday, September 27, 2015

Belles artes, a fine moustache and the Tower of Hercules

Friday 18 September 2015

Felt very grumpy and 500 years old.  Went down to sea front for breakfast then to Belles Artes Museum.  Best known painting is that of Carlos I by Van Dyke - a triptych in one - very unusual.  Not even behind glass or with a guard in the room.  OH found a room full of etchings and invited me in to see them but I said I was not in the mood ;)

Charles I by Van Dycke

Beautiful boy

This lady has a very fine moustache.

Went for a refreshing cup of tea in a lovely tea shoppe fully of kitsch things.  OH had chocolate and pumpkin cake and I had ginger and orange.  Delicious!  We then walked up to the Tower of Hercules, oldest lighthouse in Europe.  Stupendous views of the city including early 20th century abandoned jail, millennium obelisk, grave mound of Sir John Moore of the Peninsular Wars.

View from tower of hercules

Had lunch of gazpacho, rather strange yellow beef stew and natillas (vanilla custard sprinkled with cinnamon).  Siesta much needed.

At 6 pm hit the shops and I found some leather sandals at half price and some crocodile leather pumps in a rich burgundy colour.  Went to an art deco bar where men were playing chess with lightning speed.  Played dominoes and I won 6-4.  To bed relatively early.  Wild partying at street level although blissfully muted by the height of the room above ground.