Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Milk is the problem, apparently

Tuesday 29 September 2015

22 degrees sunny

Finished off download of Windows 10 and at first appearance, seems much cleaner and streamlined.  My keyboard however was not responding and it took some time to figure out that I needed to update the driver, after which it worked like a dream.  Perhaps I shouldnt have hurled it across the room..

OH has very bad knee and can hardly put any weight on it.  Getting him up and down stairs is no laughing matter as he is 100 kilos and I am 56!  Gave him another reiki treatment - the pain seems to radiate out from under the knee and comes into effect when he tries to bend it.  Must be tendon related.

Rang some people off the list of new clients.  Spoke to Australians renting in nearby town and fixed up to see them on Thursday.  No one else in.  At 2 pm spoke to the NZ ladies about the schedule of works on the Villa and then briefly about the craft business.  They will bring over some samples.  I am still trying to figure out what people are looking for over here.  The NZ ladies can go into factories and buy the stuff at rock bottom rate.

Went into garden and cut back rampant lavatera and crocosmia and eventually made it over to the topiaried (theoretically) Photinia Red Robin which has aspirations to be a tree.  Then to the doctor's - I had to drive which made OH deeply unhappy but even he admitted that his braking leg was not in good order.  Waited an absolute age.  The family from the Chinese restaurant were in and the children spent the whole time preparing meals from the range of plastic food in the play boxes.  One child read and the others served him dishes and tea. The mother looked exhausted.

Eventually we were issued into the sanctum and the only reason the doctor could think that OH had tendonitis was that it was a change of diet - we had drunk a lot of milk in Spain in all of the various cafes con leche and he had now an intolerance to milk products.  Said he should cut out milk and see what happens.  Staggered back to the car and made quick chilli and walked the dog and watched the first episode of Downton Abbey.  This is the last series.  Do love Downton but all of the main characters are now knocking on a bit and cant carry on looking the same age as obviously the actors havent aged - the first series ended with the outbreak of WW1 in 1914 and the current one starts in 1925

The real Downton Abbey

Fascinating - the real history - and more incredible than the TV series