Sunday, October 4, 2015

Who are my readers?

Sunday 4 October 2015

Sporadic rain
14 degrees

I have been writing this blog since the 28 December 2014 and am pleased to note that I have a number of regular readers but do wonder who you are, where you live, what you are interested in?  Blogging can be a solitary affair without comments....

Woke up to gentle rain falling on the barn roof and I could see mine and dogs breath when we opened the kitchen door to have a first look at the day.  The vines I planted in Spring and which have languished all year are finally producing their stunning blue morning glory bells

Went down town to try and track down our renters and see if I could arrange to have a drink with them and get them to offer on the flat.  They were no where to be seen so I left them a pack of coffee and a note and drove around town and then went home.  Started helping OH with wood pile and the phone rang and it was them and arranged to meet tomorrow.

With two people, we vanquished the wood pile and had egg and bacon for lunch.  Dog looked expectant.  Left him in the front room with OH who was watching Football Focus, and enjoyed my meal in peace in the kitchen.

Resin then called and I went and domed the flat pendants and added silver wire coils and also made some more buttons.  Still haven't started on perishing poppies.  Listed some snail art pendants which I feel have come out rather well.  My tatty black desk turns out to be a good surface for photographing these things.  Was rather amazed to find on Etsy a woman selling pebbles and shells and bits of glass from a Yorkshire beach, at extraordinary prices, and has already had seven sales.  Wondered if this is illegal.


OH went fishing and I made apple and raspberry pie and thought about starting on the poppies.  It seemed like too much effort so I wrote to Kirsty Alsop and suggested she might like to sponsor us.