Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A lot of bling....

Sunday 11 October 2015

Sunny in Torrelevega and raining when we get back home
21 degrees

The thing about blinds is that there is really no light in the room and then when you emerge in a fog and drag them open, you discover it is already well advanced into the morning.  Drift out into the morning and eat croissants and drink coffee and orange juice and the streets are still empty.  Back on the road to home by 11 am.

Have had to download Chrome in order to load photos.  Microsoft may be the Edge in terms of search engine but Blogger is not happy and tends to seize up.  So, here are the photos I promised you

Love the horses on his sombrero

Sombrero detail

Back home and the pension lady said dog had spent the weekend trying to hide in dark places and was he like that at home.  She says there is a delay between him hearing and processing information.  She has not seen him when I shout - well bellow - who wants a dog treat.  He is such a moron but at least he does look pleased to see me, although exhausted.  I think he is too old for PC's dog pension now - too many dogs and PC has a voice like a fog horn.  She says dog needs a course of treatment to oxygenate his brain and it is expensive.  Will have to get that one past OH.  Back home and dog is running about, eating his dinner and rolling on the mat like a puppy.  Ought to film him.  He behaves like he is over a hundred when at the pension.

Catch up with Strictly Come Dancing.  There are some truly terrible dancers and a number of brilliant ones.  The most stunning and very sexy was the jive and the most delightful was the charleston by Kevin Clifton but the most amusing, in the words of Len Goodman, was Jeremy Vine - a little bit of Hollywood and a little bit of Borehamwood (town in Hertfordshire).  Here, for your delight, is the link.  I think he will last to Christmas as he is so terrible but entertaining.

Jeremy Vine on Strictly