Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Inside were unexpected delights...

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Sunny periods
18 degrees

Alarm sounded early and it was still pitch black and alas, it was already 8 am.  Crawled out of bed and loaded up properties and OH went to see the kine and have his back pummeled.

In the afternoon I set off, nervously, in my new car.  It is still stopping itself at traffic lights. Must find out how to turn off the automatic start and stop.  The GPS took me up a grassy track and I had my heart in my mouth as the clearance on the front of the car is not very high at all.  Arrived in front of the house and it was a large triangular shaped building with sandy coloured rendering and a long alley of Hortensia and plane trees.  The owner appeared and started waving at me and I squeezed the car through the narrow entrance way and was so slow that it turned itself off twice and I finally parked and got out and tried to look as if I knew what I was doing.

It was a surprising property.  The plain facade was no indication of the splendour within.  A massive 85m2 living room with grand beams and massive chandelier.  The far end window showed the garden beyond.  I thought of feng shui and how it is very bad to have entrance and exit aligned because the energy flows right through and out of the house.  I was welcomed into the library and sat down on an ornate chaise longue and offered coffee from delicate Limoges china and a selection of delicious chocolate biscuits.  An oil painting of an uncle, painted in the 19th century, hung over the marble fireplace and his eyes followed me around the room.  Golden sunlight filtered through the windows and a curtain of fine orange leaves floated past in the light breeze.

The couple were in their  70's - the man from Germany and the lady from California.  We spoke a mixture of French and English.  The lady's accent was as smooth as honey.  I could not believe how little they wanted for it but time is going by and they want to sell so I signed them up and eased back out of the driveway and then got horribly lost and the GPS brought me back by road on which I have never previously travelled.

Back home and OH had been on the bone rattling tractor for a couple of hours and looked shattered.  I didn't feel good - cold and shivery - think I am getting a cold.  Fell asleep on the sofa and had to go to bed early

WF (youngest son) has decided to apply for deputy manager position and needs help with editing his text.  He writes in a very floral fashion for a 24 year old.  RJ (eldest) is fed up of his employers and wants to move.  He needs help too.