Monday, October 12, 2015

Dream life...

Friday 9 October 2015

Spent the night trying to redesign a chateau for a very demanding Russian client called Tristan.  This is not the first time I have dreamed of the place in my dream.  One day I will go somewhere when I am awake and realise that I have been there many times whilst unconscious and it will really freak me out.  This has actually happened once before - I dreamed of the barn conversion which my dearest friend Ms Noddi was in the middle of creating, and walked around the main room in my dream and saw the wooden slats of the floors and the steps and the latches on the doors and the shower room just off the landing.  Although the dimensions of the actual room were different, the essentials and layout were more or less accurate.  Sometimes, when I cant sleep easily, I take myself out of my body and float through the ceiling and into the night sky and look down on our house and barn and garden and the fields around and then I go up high, so everything is small and I fly across the sky and the breeze is cool in my face and I only land when I wake up again.  It helps to put things into proportion, literally by leaving oneself.

I often repeat dream.  One of the most recurrent in the past is my transport dream.  I am in a large city and I need to get a bus or a train home and I cant get to the right one on time and end up having to walk along the same very long road home.  I cant tell you how many times I have walked along that pigging road in my dreams.  And I am thinking, oh ffs, I am back there again.  Or I dream I am at university and it is Finals and I havent done any revision.  Thirty years since I left and I still revisit those days regularly in my sleep.  It is only with the benefit of that wonderful thing, hindsight, that one looks back and sees the major junctions in one's life.  I was offered an MA in Iowa and everything had been arranged for me.  If it had been California, I would have gone but it wasn't and I had a change of heart and moved back home and met OH and my life has gone in a certain direction and I wonder if I revisit this junction because some part of me is still asking What if?

OH had decided we needed another weekend away to 'make the most of the good weather' and 'test the car'.  I said I was happy to make the most of the good weather at home, where the good weather is almost inevitably better than where we go, and also pointed out the incongruity of testing the car in a foreign country where I have a tenuous grasp of the language and all he can do is order alcohol but no, it would be lovely and we had to go so yet another weekend when I dont get to do any crafting or get out and hack at the jungle.

Arrived at Torrelevega in Cantabria after only a few hours in the car and checked into the Hostel Puerto des Sol.  It was packed with the most amazing furniture which had been garnered from various chateau house sales all over Spain.  I was particularly taken with some wallpaper, featuring the most massive tulips.  You will have to come back to look at them because my internet connection is really slow and it is taking forever to upload the photos - worth it believe me!!

Town was heaving and we have G and T's on the main place and then back to hotel for siesta and OH realises that he hasn't brought any toiletries and sends me out to find some and I am not altogether compus mentis and get horribly lost.  Out later and find a cider bar serving wonderful air dried ham, calamares and squid