Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My mother in law is annoyed and everyone is cross eyed

Wednesday 14 October 2015
Sunny but cold 14 degrees

My mother in law was back.  I dreamed that it was the day of my neice's wedding and my sister in law had decided to flood her house and have water lilies as decorations.  My MIL was not pleased.  Her tights were getting wet and she was on a plinth, above the water line, and couldnt get to the food.  I have absolutely no idea what this means.  OH suggested I was losing my grip on reality.... helpful (not)

Looked at WF's job application and cut out all the fluff and tightened up the language and put it all in bullet point form and sent it back to him.  Took OH a cup of tea in bed and went back to sleep.

He dug me out of bed an hour later and we went to see about getting him some shoe supports for his flat feet.  When I did Reiki one and two, my teacher said I needed to practice in people.  With his varicose veins, flat feet, bad neck and shoulders and assorted pains, I only need to practice on one person to keep me up to scratch.  Strange thing reiki - apparently he feels intense heat - what I feel is tingling in my hands where the pain is, which subsides during the treatment.  It has really helped him, he says.

We arrived at the clinic just before eleven.  The waiting room was deserted.  The secretary disappeared into the office.  We looked at the range of astonishingly expensive orthopaedic shoes.  Ten minutes passed, then fifteen then twenty.  OH started getting very agitated. There were voices from a sideroom and they seemed to be having a real laugh and joke. After half an hour, OH charged up to the office door and hammered on it and told them their customer service was a joke and then we left and he posted a largely illiterate note in French on their FB page.  Yet another place where I wont be able to show my face again.

Came back home and had egg and bacon and I felt really rough but alas, had an appointment so off into the weak sunshine and 13 degrees to find a farmhouse.  Not a great location, next to a road, and manned by some very aggressive guard sheep and a boss eyed spaniel.  A small girl let me in and her mother appeared and showed me around.  They want a heck of a lot of money for it.  Discussed price - it transpires she also works in estate agency so I asked her the average price per m2 in the area and she said 1400 euros so I did the calculation and it was 100k less than the price she was asking.  Took it on anyway but told her I wouldnt be having very many visits at that price.  She was boss eyed too. Went back home and discovered OH had gone fishing.

GDF have finally cracked the problem of the incorrect email address so I got access and informed NZ ladies.

Need to do something with the duck in the fridge.  Head bad.  Need sleep.