Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Thoughts on the life of an author

Monday 12 October 2015

Lots of rain
18 degrees

Day started black and hammering it down.  Lovely to lie in bed with a cup of tea and spend an hour writing.  I do enjoy the discipline of getting words down on paper and must now, at just over three hundred posts, be at the size of a novel.  I will probably have to write every day for a number of years to get to the size of the last few Harry Potter novels.  I don't know how you would keep the discipline of writing a story every day.  Hats off to all authors.  I do know one lady who had her first two novels published, to moderate acclaim and her second novel was one of the last books I left before leaving England, and ever since she has produced a book a year and nothing has seen print.  She needs a good agent.  She needs someone to promote her on social media.  She also needs to get rid of the clich├ęs but how to tell her?  She is an eccentric dresser.  When scrubbed up and wearing a lovely dress and makeup, she is like a mature Marilyn Monroe.  She usually prefers wearing her children's cast off clothing and has a particular aversion to skimpy underwear.  I still remember the faces of the French women in the changing rooms at the local baths, when this lady stripped down and was revealed to be wearing a faded pair of men's underpants....

Spent morning loading properties and then went out and hacked at the greenery.  It is fighting back.  Weeded the strawberries and chopped some bits off the rampant sages.  Dog slept all day.  Then lunch and made some resin buttons and pendants.  The sticky pendants have stopped being so sticky - I may not have to consign them to the bin after all.  Attached some bails after hand drilling.  My fingers kept on seizing up - hope I am not developing arthritis in my fingers like my mother.  She would be reading a magazine and suddenly her fingers would lock.  It is really painful.  Dug out the cod liver oil and washed some down with orange juice.  It is beyond disgusting.  Dog looked interested so he had some too.

Rang lots of suspects and sorted out appointments to take on houses.  My gorgeous dentist rang and said he was looking to sell so I will pop around and see him later on.

Battled with Gas de France.  They have set up an account for a client with my email address but have got it slightly wrong therefore I have not received the activation email.  I cannot alter anything because the client account is now associated with this incorrect email.  I cant get through to them on the phone and we have had numerous emails.  They are absolutely pond life.

I wonder if no one comments on this blog because I hide my true identity?  Sometimes I feel I am speaking into a void...